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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Apparently, they don't have showers in Russia.

Manhattan Boss is having a baby. His wife is due in June. His wife is also Russian but was either born here or came over when she was very young. We threw MB a surprise baby shower last week. Come to find out, we didn't have to be so sneaky about it.

The Big Kahuna ushered him into the conference room on the pretense of an emergency staff meeting. When he came through the door we all yelled "Surprise!" MB wasn't so much surprised as startled and puzzled.

After standing in front of everybody for a second or two with the look of WTF??!!! about him, The Big Kahuna says, "Do you even know what this is about?"

MB has spied the Baby Shower banner, "Ah yes! Baby! My wife told me you'd do something and there would be presents. I thought she was making it up!"

Today his wife sent us all a lovely email thanking us. I asked Manhattan Boss if his wife told him, "I told you so!"

"Yes. Repeatedly."

The other day Manhattan Boss asked me a question (a not work related one) to which I answered something like, "Yeah. . . no. . . ye.... nah. Nope."

"Why do women do that?" He asked.

"Do what?"

"I ask a question and the answer is obviously yes or no. Why does it take so long to figure out if it is yes or if it is no? I ask my wife how many pants the boy needs (his wife has a 7 year old son-- they've been married for about 3 years now) and she says '2. . . no, no 3! Wait, he could do with 2. Or 3. More than one. . .' Give me the number so I can buy the pants!" He isn't being snarky-- he really is trying to figure it out.

I tell him when his baby is born, he's gonna be in big, big trouble because babies are impervious to logic. Tom Terrific laughs, "I can see him now. 'I do not understand. I have shown him the spreadsheet. Why does he continue to defecate in his pants?"