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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
What's been up.

Edema struck kinda hard and I was told to stay in bed with my legs elevated so that they can go back down to a manageable size. I see the doc today at 5.

I lasted in bed with my legs elevated for 31 hours. Being in bed while every one waits on you hand and foot is fun for exactly 18 hours. And anyway, when I woke up, the feet were good enough for walking. Especially the left one. Almost normal

Dany had been asked for rhubarb for forever. When I got all plant antsy in February and started surfing for seeds, he spotted these rhubarb plants and ordered them. Even though they were shipped at exactly the right time for planting-- unlike the strawberry starts which came a minimum of 3 weeks early-- the weather turned contrary and we've had record heat. Which was o.k. for the strawberries but I tried to hold off on the rhubarb until it cooled down this weekend.

Only they were looking pretty bad in their tinier than usual shipping cells. I put them in the ground this morning.


Rhubarb 4/8

Justin put in the strawberries last Monday. 4 were immediately stolen by our neighborhood garden pest. A raccoon, I believe. Since we received 12 tiny strawberry crowns, they were replaced quickly. The strawberries are Justin's baby and I highly question the spot he picked for them. Sure, they'll get more sun there but this is a very, VERY high traffic area. Right against the concrete pad that the bbq and patio furniture reside. People are all up and down this pad. We'll see how it goes. Unlike where I put the rhubarb, which is also right up against the concrete pad but on the hedge side, where nobody goes.


Strawberries 4/8

And just because they are soooo pretty--

Bleeding Hearts!


ETA: Changed the Bleeding Hearts pic to a much better one.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I hope it gets big enough for Dany to make pie for Thanksgiving. That's what he wants to do.