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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
You can get a lot done by 2 pm

What a fine, fine day. I hope this weather lasts and we don't get another cold snap. Or more wet. It was such a lovely day, I did the border.

Here it was before:

Border before

And here it is after:
Border after

Now, you may think "big fucking deal", but it was hard work, I tell ya.

I am very proud of my old, busted self. I was out at 8:30 digging the dirt up.
Border dug up

I did that all by myself! Sure you strong, virile types may piffle but my fat, old frail ass (and back) was aching half-way through that. Yet I persevered in the face of, well, an achy ass and back. When I was done, it was time to wake up the muscle because there was no way I was gonna start dragging around 50 lb bags of dirt, manure and mulch.

Here is the border filled with my patent soil mixture that I don't have a patent on so go ahead and use store bought topsoil and composted manure-- I can't sue you.

Border with new dirt

See that green thing laying across the top? That was a border that was supposed to border the border on the lawn side. It took me and the boy about a half an hour before we decided no amount of pounding with a mallet was gonna get it passed the hedge roots. They went out and the landscape fabric went in:

Border with ladnscape cloth

The first half of the sidewalk was a snap but the second half had a patch job that wasn't done very well. The lawn side is a bunch of lumpy concrete-- right where the last remaining hedge stump remains. I was able to dig and pull up the other, smaller two that remained but that big guy ain't budging. Working the cloth around the sidewalk and the stump was a pain in the ass.

After cutting the fabric down to size and hiding it all with mulch, we were done. Except for a few other things. I mean, since we were out there and all.

In the border, besides weeds and the occasional marigold, I planted my first bulb ever that lived. I believe it's called an anemone but I could be wrong. I often am. I dug him out before I dug the trench. Here he is looking sad because he's not in the ground:

Can anemonie be saved

And here he is still looking sad but put back in the border:

Live anemonie

Also And Too-- my spring front flower bed looking weedy yet awesome:

Front bed childs view

Me and The Boy pulled up as many as we could. When the annuals go in, we'll dig up more. The extreme right of the bed can't be seen. There grow the Asiatic lilies. These things are powerhouses. Take a look:

Lillies gone wild

I put down one-- ONE --bulb three falls ago. There are now lilies coming up behind the gutter-thingy and out of a crack in the asphalt on the other side of the bed edge. Both the lily and the iris needs to be lifted and separated worse than Jane Russell.

Next up- Dany's gonna barbecue! Also, I'm gonna down an Aleve. What a grand spanking day and it's not even 4 o'clock yet.


That's a metric assload of work. Good for you!

I did a lot of work, too, getting the Mancave set up. It's not nearly done yet, but the looming work of setting up the electronics is done. Now it's just moving some furniture around, but that's for another day.

There's electronics and beer? Why only man in cave? Are there nekkid girlies on the wall. Cuz then I could see that.

It's a given that I'll be the primary user of that room. First of all, it's got my beer closet in it. It also has a second TV and DVD player, which means if I want to watch a ballgame or a movie that no one else likes or wants to watch, I have that option. Before, it was difficult to have my own time to watch what I wanted.

Barb tends to either use the computer or else use her portable DVD player up in our bedroom while she does her schoolwork. So this works out well for everyone, even though it sounds as though I'm being a little selfish and exclusive.

Oh no, I didn't mean you were being selfish or exclusive. I meant, boy-- I'd like to spend time in a room with electronics and beer but I'm not a man.

Edited at 2010-04-03 10:45 pm (UTC)

Lord, yes, my Asiatic lilies are going gangbusters!

Nice work!