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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Our sleazy lawyer remains a dumbass.

Yesterday, he accepted a shipment at the new site even though he, The Big Kahuna and Head Mailroom Guy had just gone over how lax security is at the site and what it was they were going to do to beef it up once it opens for business.

The shipment was servers and computers. The dumbass, instead of telling them that our Long Island office was not there, just signed off on them and left them at the unsecured site and came back to our office. He then casually told TBK that the servers arrived.

Head Mailroom Guy and TBK then start a mad dash to hire a U-Haul and gather all the other mailroom guys to move the stuff from there to the office.

Today is Good Friday (what's so good about it? Did they kill Jesus today?) and the office was mostly empty. At 8, dumbass sends an e-mail to the claim administrators telling us to figure out phone coverage for the day. TomTom sends him an e-mail back with the schedule that was made up just for this occasion. But it shouldn't have come to that. I check the in-out board and see that the third telephone girl is supposedly in. She comes in at 9. So I go into Dumbass's office and have the following conversation with him.

Me: Is there really a need for us to cover the phones? Lin isn't scheduled to take today off.

Dumbass: Well, she hasn't called me yet so deal with it.

Me:. . ..

I was quite proud of myself. Instead of saying, "Oh, I didn't know you and Lin were so close that she calls you every day before she leaves for work." I just looked at him. I waited a few seconds for him to understand the stupid thing he said but he never did. Lin came in at 09.