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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Many things.

Dany told me that an Obama spokesguy told him that they were gonna make t-shirts that read in front Health Care and in back BFD.

It is official, I am now a senior citizen. I actually said, un-ironically, "They don't make music like that any more." I was talking about Frankenstein but I may as well have been talking about Stardust.

There is something outside that Camry desperately wants to kill. Camry, who is so afraid of the outside he usually runs in the opposite direction when the door opens. For the past few days he's been very vocal about us OPENING UP THE FUCKING DOOR, HUMANS!!!!! He has managed to get himself trapped between the regular door and the screen door by scratching the not-quite-closed-and-latched regular door open, squeezing out, then somehow having the door shut on him.

Ebony said she saw something slinking across our backyard. At first she thought it was a really, really round cat until it walked up the next door neighbor's resin picket fence. I hope I never see that creature.

I would like a beer but it isn't Friday yet.


I have beer nearly every night. Beer is food. Have beer.

What Ebony saw might have been a raccoon or it might have been a groundhog. They both might be mistaken for cats from a distance. I don't know how well groundhogs climb, but a raccoon could easily climb a resin picket fence. If it's a raccoon, don't let the cats anywhere near it. An average raccoon could easily shred even the most aggressive cat.