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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
The seedling sitch

This is what I got so far:

Second week of March

Two anchos, two habes, two sweet bell and two mystery peppers. As for the tomatoes, the romas just didn't grow. They didn't grow last year either. This year I have a soil gnat problem and I think that's what took out the one roma that actually germinated. I planned to have one each cherry, roma and beefsteak but ended up with two cherry and one beef. I'ma have to buy a cooking type 'mater when plating time comes. Which will give me one more mater plant than I wanted-- if the seedlings aren't all killed by the gnats.

Today I put in the marigolds. 6 Flagstaffs and 9 Snowballs. I've got one big peat pot left and at least one little one. I'm thinking of starting a zinnia or a celosia in them and putting them in the front window. Those will not be protected from the cats but, hey, why not.

In other, not seedling, news: My daffodils have sprouted, my iris is spreading out and sending up little fans all over the place and I think the Asiatic lily may have sent a baby over to the other side of the hydrangea. Do they do that?

But wait! There's more!

Not making an appearance yet: the crocuses. I believe this would be their third spring if they show up. The Bleeding Hearts-- just sticks. I had an awful munching bug infestation and I'm a feared they could be done for.

The tulips. It's early yet but they, too are in their third year. I hear they begin to fade after a while.

Looking very alive in it's outside pot-- the columbine. It grew into a short bush last year. Maybe this year there'll be flowers.

I staggered four rows of garlic a week apart. There is sproutage among the first two planted rows.

And the place where I planted the hollyhock has signs of animal digging. My neighbor had the plants in the pot he had over there uprooted. Stupid animals.


Don't give up on the bleeding heart! Sometimes they take a lil while to show. Have you figured out a way to protect your seeds from the cat? I haven't started any of my seeds yet because I just know my evil cats will demolish them. :/

I put a latch lock on the door to the craft room.

Smart! Wish I had a craft room. Maybe I should make my kid sleep on the couch and commandeer his south-facing bedroom, ha ha.