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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Exploring the Nabe

It was over 50 degrees yesterday. the way things had been going, it felt like beach weather. Mendany went for a walk and I grabbed my camera.

Remember when I'd head out my house in Brooklyn with my camera in hand and take neat pictures of all the random and awesome stuff right out side my door? Well, this is what passes for neat stuff here in Elmont:

Hey, they finished siding their house. They got them there trying to look not new and sealed windows everybody's been getting.

The view

Oh and lookee here!

A house smaller than mine!

smaller than mine

But that's where the houses are. I'm sure
scenic downtown Elmont will be better.

Scenic Downtown Elmont:
Senic downtown Elmont

And the shopping!

The choice, choice shopping!

Choice shopping

It was a bit too early for the library, our major destination, to be open. So we stopped at the local pizza shop.

Looks like any other local pizza place.

Inside d'anna's

But looks can be deceiving. Because this here is that unassuming pizza place's menu.

the menu

They've got mussels in white wine to die for. Their calamari is superior to Elmont's much more fancy Italian restaurant, King Umberto's. Gnocchi Alla Gabriella that'll make you smack your momma for feeding you slop.

This is their idea of a breakfast egg hero.

eggo hero

Yeah, the bacon in the egg and bacon is pancetta. Oh my, it tasted better than it looked. Plus, it was so huge it fed both me and The Boy.

After stuffing our faces, Mendany headed to the library.

This used to be our library.

Old library

Well-- bump that noise. We now have a library that is the envy of townships for miles and miles around.

New library

And attached theatre.

EM Theatre

Not too shabby inside, either.

Inside the library

And the day ended with Mendany getting our Nassau County library cards and me taking out Your Flying Car Awaits. Didn't notice it was a two week-er. Can't imagine why it would be.

good pictures!

1. That tiny house is killing me.
2. I love that you guys have a store specifically for lampshades.
3. Your little pizza place has me seriously jealous.

The tiny house is a bit of a cheat. It's actually in the yard of another, regular sized house. The owner rents this out. From what he said, it's like a studio apartment in there.

HUGE THUMBS UP! Your little pictoral journeys around are my favourites. Haven't seen one from you in a long time!

Because there is nothing to take pictures of-- as these pictures are evidence of. Not within walking distance, anyway.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I want a breakfast hero!