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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
The Cancer wins it by a crusty nose.

It all started a year ago when The Cancer a little over a year ago when she started having trouble paying her bills. How a woman who lives in her mother's house and makes over thirty thousand dollars a year has trouble paying her bills is a question that hasn't been answered through her loud phone calls.

First it was the cursing out of the bill collectors. Then it was the yelling at the debt consolidation service she used because she never got her 'little green envelope' and how is she supposed to pay the bill if she doesn't get her little green envelope?! After a few months of screaming at the debt consolidation service she started talking to a bankruptcy lawyer. Yes- talking to a bankruptcy lawyer VERY LOUDLY over the phone at her desk at work.

Last Friday she got a call that had her at first stuttering and finally crying. No one would have known what the stuttering and crying was about if she didn't immediately hang up and call her friend to complain about what a bitch her sister-in-law is. Seems sis-in-law tried to use her Home Depot card and it was taken from her and her account was closed. The reason, apparently, is because The Cancer is taking her brother down with her into the insolvency hole. Sis-in-law appreciated that not one tiny bit and let her know it but good.

How?, you may ask. See, this isn't the first time The Cancer has gotten into money trouble. The job The Cancer had before this one was at a bank and she was fired because the bank were a bunch of fucking cunts. They had no business prying into her personal business and anyway, her mom paid everything for her. Then she did it again and her mom bailed her out again but, since her mom's a bitch, she had to pay the money back. And she still needed to buy things so her brother co-signed a few things for her, knowing full well she was good for it and she doesn't see what the hell is everyone's goddamn problem.

The Cancer has been on the phone with Home Depot and a few other places since Friday trying to explain that they are wrong, her brother didn't do anything-- they must be mistaken because she and her brother have the same last name and first initial but they are not the same person. She seems to be having little success.

In between these phone calls to her brother's creditors, she calls her friends and plans revenge on her sister-in-law for being such a bitch. What her sister-in-law doesn't know is that her brother has a few bills sent to his mother's house-- including his car insurance. The Cancer is going to fix sis-in-law but good by reporting her brother to the insurance company. Because that'll show that bitch he married not to fuck with her.

Oh and she is also looking for a place to live because her mother is a stupid cunt who'll learn how she fucked up being the worst mother in the world by beating her down all the time and telling her that she's a deadbeat who'll waste her entire life and amount to nothing. Yeup, she's gonna teach her whole fucking family to be a lot more supportive next time around.


Wow. If I had to listen to that crap every day I don't know if I'd rather she STFU or keep on going, if only for the 'thank GOD that isn't me' element.

Headphones come in very, very handy where I work.

Just. Wow.