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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Rambling, I am.

Too much winter. So, for a little bit of spring, I'm planning my garden. This is a good time to start planning because some things require an earlier start than others. Dany has been pining for rhubarb. I, being raised in a more tropical fruit and veggie type family, have no experience with rhubarb except for once when I ate a rhubarb tart at some function. I thought it was rather good.

Did a little research and found out that rhubarb is perennial. This means I've got to pick a spot. Hmmmm. This is not easy when you've got as little room as I do. I was thinking of lining my walk up to the front door with rhubarb but for two things: I am reluctant to plant veggies in the front of the house for fear of angering my neighbors. I dunno how angry they would get, considering the house that has been in foreclosure for a year has a toilet bowl in it's front yard.

Reason number two is: that's were I planted my very first tulips my very first fall in my very first house. The tulips always, ALWAYS open up just when I need it. I love my tulips. However, this will be their third year. I understand that after three years or so, they get spent. Still-- not replacing my tulips with rhubarb.

Nope, seems the only place for the rhubarb is where my herbs are now. I am not happy about moving them since they LOOOVE that spot and do extraordinarily well there, both the ones in pots and the annuals I usually stick in the ground. P.S. I already ordered the crowns for delivery in March, so unless I can think up another plan, the herbs gotta move.

If only I didn't have those goddamned hedges up against the house there. I hate, HATE HATE fucking hedges! These hedges are not only taking up valuable veggie and flower space, they are growing into my pipes and fucking shit up. Chopping them down is a half-assed solution, I have found. You still have the roots taking up planting space and those fuckers do not know how to die. Give them less than a 16th of an inch and they'll grow a friggin mile. Actually pulling up well established hedges is beyond my capabilities.

One more spot for the rhubarb would be behind the house where Dany killed the lawn. This bare plot of dirt is shaded for much of the day by the house. Rhubarb like partial sun. I think we have a winner!

Dany also wants me to grow him a hop plant. 20 to 25 feet tall, over 20 lbs. This is not an easy feat, no matter how highly Dany is deluding himself into believing my gardening skills are. But, if I could grow ONE plant in a pot and tie strong rope supports to the house. . ..


I don't know much about hops (except you need them to make that King of Beverages, Beer), but I'm under the impression that you need both a male and a female plant for it to be worth messing with.

RHUBARB. Grow lots of it. I will come visit, make Dany lots of pies for you to freeze, and then can what's left, and take it away with me.