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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Did I tell you about my bright and ambitious daughter?

She made the Dean's list in her first semester at Hunter-- 2 As and 2 A-s. She also was called to take a math and customer service test for 2 job openings at the Central Park Zoo and 2 jobs at the NY Aquarium, although they have not told her when the tests are. The job is good news for Ebs, since she is not happy unless she has a job.

Also, Hunter invited her to join the Public Service Scholars Program. She's mulling it over. Since it involves internships (with high level public service companies) she's afraid she won't be able to work. It also gives a "substantial stipen", so there's that.

Justin is still a bum.


Yay, Ebs! She rocks so hard!

You sure he wasn't switched at birth? There could be a motivated, hard charging dude out there who looks like your daughter.

Ebs has got it going on (that one idiotic professor was, well, an idiot). I'm sure she'll make the best choice, and even though it's nerve-wracking to some extent, she will someday realize how fortunate she was to have these choices to make. Lots of people wish they had to make these choices.

Justin has got it going on, too, but with a totally different mojo. You're not considered a bum unless you totally lack charm, and since Justin has charm to spare, he's considered more of a "rogue" than a bum.

There's a fine line there, but Justin is more than capable of walking it.

Dude's got charm.

Hooray for kids!