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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
My Cave of Wonder and Mystery.

Had to have a pelvic and trans-vag sonogram. The pelvic went fine, the trans-vag-- not so much. There was much talk about my 14 cm uterus. This is apparently a special uterus. So special that it has to outshine all my other innards. Not only that, my tubes swing to the side and hang out all by themselves-- to good to live in the same neighborhood as the rest of my reproductive system.

All this means that my shy ovaries refused to have their picture taken. Technician number one slid and poked the 3 transpoder for 10 minutes, finally she called the doctor. Over the phone, the doctor recommended the 5 transponder. Out came the 3, in went the five. Still no go. Technician number one very politely asked, "Can you please hold this? I don't want it sliding out while I'm gone."

So there I lay with a transponder hanging out of me while I hold on to the to its tail and I'm thinking-- I wonder if I could get this thing to vibrate. Not soon enough, technician number one comes in with technician number two with the 9 transponder. 9 transponder had as much luck as 3 and 5. Another call to the doctor. This time she comes into the exam room where there is talk of using a biopsy looky-thingy-- after more pushing on the belly while being rammed mercilessly by the 9 transponder.

Finally, doc nixes the biopsy thingy and tells the tech to do some more pelvic views to compensate for the fact that my ovaries refuse to show themselves through my vagina.


You live an interesting life, Michelle.

Now I'm hungry.