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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Hey factory, shut down already!

My new gyn when I asked why-- God WHY???-- have I not hit menopause yet. "Well, there's just no telling. Average is between 45 and 55. You could reach it next week or ten years from now."

Good lord, that's a possible decade in which I could possibly become pregnant!!! I'm too OLD FOR THIS SHIT! That's another 2 or 3 D&C's. I may be in for another one in a month if things don't start shaping up. With all the D&C's I've had, I don't know why that fucker just doesn't fall out one day when I'm fart.


Ayup. Fifty-six and counting here, and still going, although only every three months or so. Why did my body pick this to be above average at?!

If the main thing that's bugging you is the possibility that you might get pregnant at this point in life, tell Dani that if he wants to have sex with you anytime in the next decade, he needs to get himself a vasectomy.

Back when we were talking about marriage, I told Jacki that if we got to a point where we had had kids and knew we didn't want to have any more, I'd be willing to get snipped, so to speak. Of course, nineteen years later and only a couple of early first-trimester miscarriages to show for our potentially procreative activities, it hardly seems like there's a need.

Besides, raising a toddler is a terrific contraceptive. We've got no energy left to have sex these days.