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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
A lot of things happened but not really.

It seems like it's more effort than it's worth to try and type everything that I thought about writing about but then didn't. George baffled Crazy Lady with a story about him having to leave a function early because of his wife's grey anatomy (Her what? She had to see her grey anatomy-- the TV show.) and the no overtime except for the one person who doesn't deserve it and then Scummy Lawyer having the NERVE to ask us to work overtime-- FOR FREE!!!!! There were no takers.

I got my pepper seeds and soil and you know how impatient I am! The gardening community came through with the suggestion that I start one now (too early) and the rest when I know I'm supposed to, so that I can see why being impatient leads only to frustration. So, this weekend I have to move the dresser again to put the annuals back on it to make room for the peat pots. There just isn't enough room in the world for me.

Had a totally hilarious telephone conversation with my daughter, only it would only be hilarious if you knew far more background information than can be packed into one LJ entry.

I believe that I'll have to drop one of the 'c's in CCR's name. It looks like she either stopped or really throttled down on the big 'C', which makes her much less stab-able but just a leetle bit more whiny. As if that was possible. I find that not telling her things about me or what I do or what I think makes life as her friend a whole lot easier.

See? Just a summary is more than I wanted to type.


And candelier of Kahala Hotel?