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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
A post in the gardening community made me take inventory.

Seeds that I got and what happened with them. Also, if you'd like a couple of any of them, just ask.

Bloomsdale Long-Standing-- Two of these survived my attempt to start seeds indoors and were eaten last spring.
Baby's Leaf-- Small success direct sowing very late in the growing season. In fact, I do believe t

Black Seeded Simpson-- I scattered these over by the daffodils out back and put a dirt over them. They were promptly eaten by birds. These guys grew indoors also but didn't survive transplantation. Last season I planted them in very late summer. There is still one guy out there, all bent and beaten down by having a few inches of snow dumped on top of him.

Black Nigra
Creme de Casis
These take two seasons to bloom. I tried to get a jump on the flowering thing by planting them in mid-summer. They grew to about 4' before dying back. I hope they come back this spring with flowers.

Super Sweet 100
Super Steak
Started them waaaaaay to early. They grew and grew and grew and got very leggy because of my inadequate lighting. I finally dumped them all in April. Don't know if I'm gonna start them this year. I have limited space and they may all be taken up by peppers and marigolds.

Burpee's Carnival Mix
Burpee's Hot Mix
My happiest success in starting indoors. Yes, they too got leggy but since they grow so much slower than tomatoes, it wasn't a disaster. Also, since both seed packets are mixes, I don't know which of them actually grew.

Scarlet Starlet

They did well inside and then died when I put them out too early. The ones directly sowed in amoung the store bought marigolds did very well-- especially the Snowballs. The Scarlet Harlots were disappointing as they didn't grow more than six inches. They were tiny little plants.

McKana's Giant
He's another guy that survived my horrible first attempt at seed starting. He's in a pot outside. Some of him is still green. Maybe this summer I'll get a flower.

Purple Prince
Did not even germinate indoors or out.

Red Velvet
I think I got to the seedling stage with this one and she may have been a victim of my rush to put crap outside. I think I'll try again only because I want grow this flower.

Canterbury Bells
Not remembering the fate of these seeds which means it was all bad.

They were doing well until the rains came. This is a desert-y plant that doesn't like too much water. When it rained every day for 2 months in a row, they just melted away. May try again and put them over in the space in the hedges. That spot stays very dry all the time.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I don't have a grow light. I did buy a "plant light" bulb but found out those incandescent 'plant' bulbs are for showing off plants, not growing them.

The lamps I built have a regular long florescent bulb. Although not perfect, they are the best for growing without spending a fortune on the florescent "grow bulbs". At least that's what the internet told me.