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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
I sooo did not dream about spring.

The other day I went to bed early with a seed catalog set on getting in some good sleep. Only that didn't happen. The seeds got me to thinking about my garden and seed starting and how I'm gonna re-arraign the crafty plant room to take better advantage of the sun and how many peat pots I should buy and if I should buy some real cheap outside pots and decorate them instead of the expensive but pretty pots and should I mosaic the pots or paint or decoupage then poly them or maybe I should use the metal doo-dads that I don't use for jewelry but save because they're probably good for something-- like gluing to plant pots for decoration and what about those beautiful square glass beads that were given to me that I want to show off in some way and. . . HOLY SHIT, IT'S ONE O'CLOCK IN THE FUCKING MORNING!!!!! SHUT UP, BRAIN!

Only my brain would not shut up. It did, however, think up a way to showcase the very pretty square glass beads. A frame in which the bead could swing around freely. The more I thought about it, the more I realized I was gonna have to finally take Justin up on his offer to teach me how to solder.

Justin demonstrated how to stroke the solder with the iron just so so that a perfect little bead forms and then how to coax the bead onto the metal and gently smooth the solder to join the two pieces of metal together. He also advised me to overlap the ends of the metal instead of just touching since this would be easier for my first try.

Yeah, no pretty bead of solder for me. A big splotch and a lot of hot iron moving and pleading. After that a lot of clipping and filing. I would have filed it some more but I was afraid the joint wouldn't hold.

Here is my first attempt at soldering:

First solder

And here are the earrings I made with it:

First solder earrings

I want to do it again with a thicker gage wire so that I get a bigger frame and the hammered texture shows up more.

This picture does not show how lumpy and ugly the wraps around the soldered part is. But I think I may get the hang of it with more practice. Now I gotta go get myself a soldering iron.


Oo, I'd like to have my own soldering iron. Those earrings are super cute, even if they've got lumps!