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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
I'm sure this means I'm old.

Dany snatched control of the CD changer early and inserted Nat King Cole's Christmas album, The Best of Hubert Laws, one of a 3 CD compilation of Earth, Wind and Fire. I quickly inserted an old school Bronx CD (includes things like Push It, the full original Rapper's Delight, Insane In the Membrane-- yeah, I know this isn't a coherent Bronx Old School CD. It's just what I felt like at the time I burned it.) He started making Hoppin' John early.

Wiki says Hoppin John is a Southern tradition. Since I'm not Southern, the first I ever heard of this was from Dany. It's delish, so good for me expanding my horizons. Our kitchen is big enough for 2 whole people to cook in and more than enough room for, like, 10 people to stand in. This is the first kitchen that was mine that was big enough so that you don't trip over your own self, much less have 2 whole people cooking in it. I should mention that making breakfast to Hubert Law feels like flapping jacks in Myst.

What? Too late for breakfast, you say? Well, not after a night of Ponche Crema AND Coquito, I'd say we are rising and shining on a reasonable time table.

Do you know what's good about having low brow tastes? It is exceptionally easy to be pleased. I am more than pleased right now. The only thing missing on this fine first day of the new year is Justin, who left last night to party in Manhattan with his boyfriend and husband. Which sorta feels right. Can't have the family represented by old fogies sitting at home drinking creamy drinks. Gotta admit, for old folks my cuz and her husband and Dany's brother and wife can hang. I don't know what time they left, alls I know is that they left only a few drops of Ponche.

Happy, happy everybody!


Man, the Ponche Crema and Coquito recipes look fabulous. If I weren't still recovering from the first-ever from-scratch eggnog I made a couple of weeks ago (Martha Stewart may be a psycho nutcase, but boy, does she have some fabulous recipes!), I'd seriously consider sending Tom out for whatever ingredients we don't already have in the house.

Alas, I will have to settle for the fabulous gambas al ajillo I just made for the first time, and the roasted sea trout with chimichurri that we are doing next, and the lamb chops marinated in pomegranate juice, garlic, and mint that we will have tomorrow night, which are marinating for the 2nd day. :-)