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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Gardening in the dead of winter.

Does it count as 'gardening' if it's inside?

There is the monster aloe that is taking over the dining room.


Next to him is an avocado that I planted in dirt. I never planted an avocado in dirt before. In a glass with toothpicks, sure, but never in dirt. Typically what happened would be that a stick would pop out of the avocado buttcrack, sprout some leaves, grow kinda tall and very skinny, then snap. The avocado in the dirt has not grown a stick, see?


The jungle room has gotten smaller. I gave away one twatflower plant and two coleussses. . . coleusi. . . the Chocolate Mints. I also severely pruned the Polka Dots--

Jungle Room

The Twatflowers are growing impatient for Africa. The one in the above picture as lost all it's flowers and one side of it's leaves. This one is doing better:


But it too is losing leaves and turning translucent. I should probably cut the flowers off the coleus, only I feel bad for them after they went through all the trouble of making them. The Polka Dots, which look like fresh, squat little bushes now, made this nice spray for a vase.

Polka Dot Vase

P.S. The color of the wall behind the vase is the exact same color as the wall behind the aloe. The florescent lights do weird things to pictures, I've noticed. The aloe was shot with the sunlight coming in from the window.

Ooooh, oohhh and Happy New Year!

ETA: That avocado is beginning to look a lot like a tulip. The gardening community comes through again.


I got a Burpee catalog in the mail the other day and I'm starting to get excited.....