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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Having a veggie garden in December outweighs the fact that it's not a very good one.

In my neck of the wood we have dipped below freezing two nights waaay back in September and, although it has gotten a bit chilly every now and then, it hasn't gotten really cold. Our highs have been in the high 40s-mid 50s consistently. I never used to follow the temps so closely before I had my own garden.

The lush summer stuff has been gone for months but that doesn't mean I don't anything in the ground. Still, this time of year makes for melancholy veggie patches. See here:

December Beds

Whatever is eating my plants continues to do so even with the change of seasons as is evidenced by the eaten bok choy in the bed in the foreground. Also in the bed in the foreground is savoy cabbage which has not formed heads.

See? No head.

No head cabbage

In the bed in the distance is the garlic for next summer. When it stops raining, I may put in another row. And maybe pull up the last trellis that held last tomato plant. Sadly, we ate the very last fresh tomato with Thanksgiving dinner. We still have one jar of pickled tomatoes left.

Also in the background are the herb pots. Every single one of the herbs that were growing in the summer are still growing now. The thyme, basil and parsley was fabulous in the turkey pot pie.

Oh wait-- in the same bed as the cabbage is some black seeded Simpson lettuce. I planted 2 rows of seeds in, um, September? I think. I put off the dreaded thinning process. I hate thinning. I don't wanna purposely kill a plant that so graciously chose to grow after I planted it. As it happened, I didn't need to thin them. Whatever is eating the bok choy ate most of the seedlings. We did get two salads out of the lettuce. These guys are late bloomers that the bok choy munchers have overlooked for now. And ya know, I feel better about nature munching the lettuce than I would having if I had thinned them.

Not enough for a salad.

Loose leaf Simpson

I'd like to make one more mention about the December weather. It is raining outside right now. I have gone outside on 3 different occasions to take pictures in a t-shirt, flimsy house shorts
and opened toed shoes. Doesn't nature realize it's friggin DECEMBER?

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