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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Stuffs mostly about jewelry.

I never wear my jewelry because I make mostly earrings and one of my holes closed. The other day, Justin remarked on how I don't wear my jewelry while holding an earring in his hand. He didn't believe that the hole closed because it didn't looked closed. You can still see the hole on both sides of my ear. He stuck the earring in through the front and hit resistance. He was still unconvinced and tried sticking it through the back.

"Hey! Look at that. You can see the a thin layer of skin. Wow, it's so thin, it's transparent." And then BLAM! He shoved real hard on the earring. I jumped in surprise and put my hand to my ear and-- there was an earring in it! Yay! I can wear earrings again.

So I have been. Wearing earrings, that is. People seem to like them since I always get comments on them. And orders. People want me to make them jewelry. And two special orders. One woman who really likes my earrings pulled me to the side and told me I was missing something-- necklaces to match the earrings I've already made for her. I have made necklaces but they don't sell as well as the earrings, take much longer to make and have to be sold at a higher price. I'm also a bit worried about them holding together-- I have little faith in so many unsoldered jump-ring connections.

Another thing-- I used to wear cheap earrings all the time. I never paid more than 10 bucks for a pair because I always, always lose one. If I lose a 5 dollar earring, I don't care. If I lose a 50 dollar earring there is a lot of caring involved. So I had no qualms about putting on my cheap-assed earrings. But nowadays the earring hole gets all crusty and gross by the end of the day. That never happened before. Since when have my ears developed such expensive tastes? I guess I'll have to stick to the machine made stainless steel hooks even though I don't like them.

The End.


I've found that if you dip your earring post in some kind of salve, that stops the yuckiness