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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Finally got a piece of the honeyed pecan pie.

HOLY KATZ! It is saweeeeeeeta. Even though it has less sweetener than the straight corn syrup one, the honey seems to intensify the teeth-itchiness. The kids love it. I think it tastes great but can only eat a little of it before I am appalled by so much sweet.

Also, I am going back to eating mostly salads and drinking beer on Friday night or Saturday only. Just as soon as all the ham is gone.


What kind of honey did you use? Most people would just use simple clover honey, since that's easiest to find. Actually, I've bought some fancy-assed honey (yeah, that must be a surprise to you), but I always go back to the clover.

Where is this going? Hold on, I'm getting there. Like I ever take the fast lane.

If you really want you teeth to rot in your head, don't get regular honey, don't get buckwheat honey, get tupelo honey. It's more expensive (of course), but that bee barf is near-like a sweet as you! I mean near-like as sweet as regular white sugar. It's crazy.

Put some ice cream on the pie. It cuts the sweet and makes it all creamy yummy.