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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll.

Dany's whole entire family was invited to his sister's for Thanksgiving. We are bringing the pecan pie. This is good, I told myself. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on food, no need to use the vacation days I set aside for this week so I could clean up my dump.

Only Dany, Ebony and Justin were aghast that we weren't making anything. Dany wanted to make a brined turkey breast with a peach glaze. Justin already practiced making a ham and Ebony already stole some pecans to make butter pecan ice cream. And what about dressing? Huh? What about candied yams? HOW COULD THIS BE THANKSGIVING IF THESE THINGS AREN'T BEING COOKED AT HOME?

Then Frankie called and asked when was he coming over. Dany was perplexed. "Aren't you going to Alice's? Everybody's going to Alice's."

"Yeah but when are you guys cooking?"

Houseguest called. Same conversation.

Poor Kevin, no place to go for Thanksgiving. He'd come over even without the feast but actually having a feast would be cool.

The clincher was an old, old Brooklyn College friend calling and asking if we still did our famous Friday Thanksgivings like we used to when we were all young and had to go to family on Thanksgiving day.

Nope, no Friday Thanksgiving. Late night Thanksgiving. Dany has already made the mac n cheese and a zucchini side dish. The ham has soaked. Justin is cutting, pineappling, cloving and cherrying it. He will make the glaze before he leaves. I'm being left behind to glaze, make dressing,, yams and more pie.

I do not mind being left behind at all. I threw out my neck again (that's the only way I can explain it) so I got little sleep. It's stiff and hurty and I'm not good company. The people coming over at about 8 or so will have to deal with the cluttered, messy house and my shitty disposition. They're used to it.

The only part about this that made me a little mad was the surprise $400 supermarket expedition. I don't mind the company or the cooking at all. Especially since I don't have to do nearly all of it and I'll have the whole kitchen to myself to do it in.

What I think I'm supposed to be making:

2 more pecan pies
Candied yams
Cornbread stuffing
Craisin bread stuffing
A little ham glazing.

That's not a lot. Especially for a house full of people who don't mind my cluttered mess or my shitty disposition.

As an extra special treat, here are the Superions feat. Fred Sneider in what I hope will be a new Thanksgiving tradition in America.