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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
I blame the skinny people.

All the skinny people in my house are clamoring for biscuits and gravy. Clamoring so much they went out and bought some bulk sausage and Pillsbury Grands. Which means I am right now in the process of preparing to kill myself slowly and easing myself into a heart attack.

This is my utterly delicious and totally bad for you sausage gravy:

Fry up a pound of Jone's bulk sausage. Remove from pan, leaving behind as much grease as possible. Throw in a bunch of butter (BUTTER- not margarine). Put very thinly sliced and diced yellow onion-- half a big one or a whole small one-- and some cracked pepper. Saute until limp. It should take no more than a few seconds if your cast iron skillet is hot enough.

Toss in even more butter and two heaping teaspoons of flour. Put the sausage back in the pan. Mix it up but good, scraping the bottom of the pan to get all that really good fried and sticky bottom of the pan mess involved. Slowly add milk until it's thinner than you want. No, I have no idea how much. A cup? Stir and stir until it's a gooey, sausagy, yummy mess. Spoon over Grands.

Who else makes sausage gravy? What's your way? Do you put vinegar? A more healthy recipe? Won't someone think of the arteries?

P.S. One pound of sausage is not enough for the three skinny and two fat people-- even thought the two fat people abstained from seconds. If you could hear the abuse being thrown at my head for not making enough gravy. Hey, you guys bought the fixins-- I just fixed 'em.


Is there such a thing as "healthy" sausage gravy? As tasty as it is, I can;t eat it because I can't stand to look at it in the morning. I'd have to eat in the dark.

I love sausage gravy but I never make it. Bob thinks it's wrong ("Gravy is brown!")

My way to make sausage gravy:

1) Go to my mom's house.
2) Mention I would love sausage gravy.
3) Enjoy.

That's the recipe my kids follow too!

Mine's kinda like yours:

One roll Bob Evans Hot sausage (we all like the heat of it)

Brown in pan, i add a bunch of butter for the grease factor because that sausage is actually not that greasy. Add some flour, brown the flour while scraping the bottom of the pan, add milk (i usually use a couple cans of evaporated milk as well as some regular whole milk from the gallon) and turn the heat up, stirring till it thickens as much as I want.

And always homemade biscuits!