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The Queen of Sheeeba
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May 2013
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The Queen of Sheeeba [userpic]
Pussyflower Rebound!

In case you couldn't tell of all the flowering plants I've grown, the African impatiens are my favorites. I bought six seedlings in the spring and put 4 in pots this fall. I gave two away. The one I gave to a co-worker first dropped all it's flowers, then all it's leaves and then all it's stems. When I brought the two in, they also dropped their flowers and then started losing stems.

But they have come back! Tonight at lights out I noticed that they were both covered in flowers! They're not as robust as they were outside but they are doing pretty O.K. Much better than dead. Lookit! Another 'distinctive' flower.

Pussyflower Rebound!

Last night we ordered calamari and a marguerite pizza from the corner pizzeria/restaurant and had some Sam Adams Harvest Collection. Ebony put in the DVD she bought me for Mother's Day-- Queen On Fire then argued whether Freddie Mercury was Tanzanian or Zanzibarvian. Man, what a long guitar solo curly-head has. We sang VERY LOUDLY but nobody called the cops.

Scoured the net looking for the naked fat-bottomed girls riding bicycles. Justin found one cheesy still and we began to wonder if the please-return-the-bikes-but-keep-the-seats was fact or legand. And then they screwed up the words to My Country Tis of Thee. Who is this Queen and why must God save her?

This meant we HAD to sing the Star Spangled Banner very loudly-- to compensate. Did you ever notice that unless the song is being sung by professionals, home of the braaaaaave is always swallowed in giggles as people laugh at how awful land of the feeeeeeeee comes out.

To get the sound of our own terrible voices out of our ears we searched youtube for star renditions of the song at big sporting events. Ebony was saddened that Celine Dion does not have a version any where to be found. Her and her Canadian ways. Still, she does have God Bless America, so she avoids the waterboarding.

Last night was fun.